Today I Need More..

Snippet# daily prompt # season 4# attempt 29

That shining star

Far very far…

Still shining bright

To give light

To the darkness of my nights

But today

I need more

More than this Snippet

More than this light

I want to rest my head

On it’s shoulder strong and wide

Dear star!

Let me lie

And rely on your

Loving embrace

Don’t stop

If I cry

No I don’t need

Any words of reassurance

Or strength

Just let me place my head

On your chest

To empty my heaviness

Let all that is breaking me

From inside

Flow with floods

Of tears

No I don’t want you to stop me

This time

Accept me

As ‘I’

Just an understanding kiss

On my forehead

Would be enough

All I wish

Is to slip

In long peaceful sleep

Placing my head

On these strong shoulders

Using them as my cushion

To open my eyes

At the other end of the sky

See how tired I am!

Fighting all my fights

Now is the time

To have some eternal rest

Let’s meet again

In another lifetime

Only if I could afford this sleep

But we know

You and I

That this journey

Will not end here and

With my tired steps

I still have to walk

Miles n miles…

Without taking rest

Without surrendering

Do you think

I could?

Dear star

Just like your shine?


Image courtesy: Pinterest 

Copyright (c) 2017 Meenakshi Sethi,  Wings Of Poetry 

20 thoughts on “Today I Need More..

      1. Sometimes people and situations around us deplete our energy then as if like some reminder or help HE reminds us no you are not suppose to give up. You are a fighter, wake up and keep going. I too find answers in your posts so many times.

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