Mercy# daily prompt # season 4# attempt 22

Glaciers melt to form rivers
Mountains bend to let them flow
Oceans already full with water
Never say no and let them enter
The art of mercy they all show
But only us humans
Who gets benefited the most
Still we show disrespect and
No mercy while exploiting this
Nature’s most precious gift, while
Making these life saver rivers dirty!
How shamefully show we lack humanity
Let our hearts be led by mercy
Be kind to nature, it is gift from Almighty!

Image courtesy: Pinterest 

Copyright (c) 2017 Meenakshi Sethi,  Wings Of Poetry 

7 thoughts on “Mercy

  1. Rightly said. Not only we should take care of nature but we must to survive and thrive in future. Air and water pollution is the biggest example. Both used to be free and fresh when I was a kid. Now, Air purifiers and masks are needed. We must clean our sins done to nature and work upon building a healthy relationship for our own good.

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