Red light

Honk# daily prompt# season 4# attempt 15

The cab stopped at the red light
I was listening your favorite songs
When looking out of window
I saw you on your bike
I was about to shout your name
At the same time
Tried to open the door
To run out towards you
When the Honk of the car behind
Brought me back in my senses
Making me realise
Dead people never come back
To ride their bikes
He was just like you
And I smiled
When he looked at me
And said, “didi be careful,
Close the door
The light is turning green again”
With tears in eyes,
I thought yes
Just like this traffic
Life can not be stopped forever
Lights turn from red to green
And we like it or not
We have to move on…

Copyright (c) 2017 Meenakshi Sethi,  Wings Of Poetry 

29 thoughts on “Red light

  1. Though it is tough to accept this fact but whether someone departs to the other world or just disconnects in this world, we have to go on and try to make sense out of bits or pieces left with us to hold on to as they say the show must go on. Big hug 😍

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  2. It’s so true Meenakshi but trust me it’s a sign that he is conveying something. Our loved ones may be dead to the world but they are alive to us. A friend of mine who passe away 11 years back made our gang bond again on FB when we put a status. Such a soul can never die.

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            1. See…How difficult it is to move on even after so many years have passed. I have learnt a hard truth that no one will come with you if you keep grieving. No one not even your family members will understand this. So I stopped crying or talking about him with almost everyone.
              I cry, I grieve, I feel what is going in inside but only when I’m all alone.
              It is so easy for everyone to say- jo ho gaya so ho gaya…move on.
              I don’t blame them or anyone as even I won’t understand if it happens to someone else. Grief is a very personal journey and only you can walk on your ramp. Thanks for sharing Vishal.

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              1. It is Meenakshi and can emphatize with you how tough it is. I have lost some closed people like this. I think it’s important to take your time to grieve and shed tears. No one will understand that and when it strucks, it gets so tough to come out. With years, we learn to repress our feelings but coming to terms is such an over abused terminology which is non-existent.


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