My Brightest Star!

Riff # daily prompt # season 4# attempt 13

Riff of guitar

Fingers moving on

On right cords

Playing perfect melodious tune

The music thus flow

And fill the hearts

Making life a musical show

That’s how I felt

When you were born

Felt like dancing

On the stars

A little star choose me

As her mom

With time you turned

My brightest star

My bestest friend

My soul’s song

Have you ever realised

My little Princess

We are together

From many centuries

Birth after birth

Life after life

Our souls are together

To shine bright!

Let’s celebrate

This day of love

When we reunited

In this birth!!

Happy Birthday to both of us

You as daughter and

Me as mom!!

Copyright (c)2017 Meenakshi Sethi,Wings Of Poetry

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