Neophyte/ From Child to Bride

Neophyte# daily prompt # season 4# attempt 11

She was a Neophyte
The journey unknown
As a bride
At an age when
She should be learning
What is love?
She was already
Given away to a stranger
Challenging was the situation
The day which should be
The most happiest experience
Was full of doubts and unknown fear
With endless instructions
And burden of expectations
The new bride
Who was almost a child
Felt dead inside
On very first night..
Rest of the years
Were just preparation
To burry her soul
Which was murdered
But then happened the unexpected Miracle!
She was rescued by an Angel
Spiritually elevated
Her soul is moving away
From dark towards light
From fear towards bravely fight
To live fully, consciously
Finding a way to get rid of
Endless cycle of
Taking birth and die.
She was saved by
Messenger God sent her way!

Copyright (c)2017 Meenakshi Sethi,Wings Of Poetry 

21 thoughts on “Neophyte/ From Child to Bride

  1. What a coincident, Meenakshi! I was writing something like this about the ancient child bride. Many child brides were used paying for a family debt and became domestic slaves or concubines! I love the second half of your hopeful poem!

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    1. Thank you Miriam! See this happens when souls are connected. Yes many small girls are used by families due to some financial or other reason. This still happens in remote areas of India, Pakistan etc.. But at the same time education is playing a great role in upliftment of girls making them aware about their rights.

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      1. Yes, There are girls in the remote part of China went to the city to get education then get jobs or start business. They have to leave the parents behind which is hard to do, but that’s the only way they can break the cycle.

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          1. Yes, there was a documentary to interview those who left their homes and made it in the cities. They didn’t want to talk too much about it. They may feel guilty but they couldn’t do anything different because their parents couldn’t watch out for them.


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