Open Letters To My Dear Brother #8

Lots of love to you Bro,

Writing after almost a month. Writing to you is not easy for me. Every time I start writing my emotions overpower me making me weak and I have to drop writing.

You always knew my weakness even when you were four or five years old and used to blackmail me emotionally to get what you wanted. Our mom was very disciplined and we were not allowed to go in kitchen to eat anything after 10:30 p.m. once she cleaned and close it.

But as always you used to feel hungry around midnight and craved to eat parantha with tea. I still remember how I used to go tiptoed in kitchen and cook for you. But mom used to caught me red handed and I had to listen her scoldings. But innocent smile on your face was enough award for me to do that regularly.

I miss you Honey and our love and bond. You know I’m feeling very helpless these days. There are some issues no one else can solve and I can’t share with any single soul here. This is eating me up. I wish you would be here to listen to me. Just sharing with you used to be enough for me.

I’m living happily for everyone but inside dying a little everyday. This was the first bhaiya dooj without you. I went to your home. Parul and I applied tilak on your photograph. The moment was very hard for us. Hope our wishes for your peaceful journey ahead reached you. Can’t say live long but wishing for peace of your soul.

Can’t write more for now.

Hope to meet you in some other life…

Your sis

P.S: Kids miss you too

21 thoughts on “Open Letters To My Dear Brother #8

  1. Your brother is very handsome and kind looking. I’m glad you have such fun memories of your brother. It makes you laugh and cry at the same time. I know how your heart felt being torn in halves, with different reasons. It’s nice to share your thoughts with your bother still, even though you can’t hear His physical voice. He answers you in some ways!๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’–

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    1. I have all good memories of him Miriam. YesterdayI was trying to recall if I ever had a fight or any heated argument with him and believe me there was not a single incident of that. It’s not because of me but because of his love towards me.
      Yes I feel his invisible presence around me in my thoughts, feelings or songs sometimes.
      Thank you for reading and understanding Miriam! ๐Ÿ’›

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      1. That’s very unusual that you don’t recall a single argument with your brother. I have 6 other siblings. A very minor with one sister was a fleeting feeling that I had. I’m sure he’ll cheer you up in your mind and in your heart, Meenakshi!๐Ÿ’œ

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        1. Little brother sister things I’m not talking about but nothing serious ever happened with us. NEVER! Though the same is not true with my sister. We have our share of disagreements and my brother and younger sis were always on edge with each other. Though even with her I never had any argument as I let her drop all bombs of anger and frustration in me…while I listen quietly..haha
          Anyway these little things make life beautiful. โ˜บ
          Yes all good things I remember and it makes me smile too between the tears .

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    1. He deserves this love and respect Vishal. He was a kind soul, who loved me the most in this life.
      Yea I do remember him whenever I cook something that was his favorite. Thank you so much Vishal for these kind words.

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        1. Oh! So sorry to hear about your loss Vishal. I can see now that you can connect with this loss easily. I was reading a book in which the writer lost her brother and went into hibernation. When we become helpless we do try to find an escape in all these things. Nothing else is there in our hands.
          Hope you are better now

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          1. Yes in fact a couple of friends shared their experiences and my friend’s younger brother saw the elder one after he passed away. It was his way of telling to get up and he hasn’t gone anywhere. I have learned that the departed don’t go anywhere but we are humans, normal to miss them terribly. I will share some stuffs with you about some people dying but came back.

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