Tearless Grief

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I Prefer to chose silence
Over speaking about my grief
That no one loves to hear
And why should they be?

Now I prefer to smile more
Since tears are waste droplets
That everyone hates to see
Though internally they bleed

I prefer to wear a mask
To hide this pain of loss
The loss of a sibling
That no one can ever fill

I prefer to hide in memories
Than connecting with this world
I find peace within
There I could be me

Weather I prefer or not
I can never be the same
As I used to be…
Anyway life is temporary

Copyright 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry 

27 thoughts on “Tearless Grief

        1. So, I brought here a couple of nice smiling masks, here’s one for you Pragal and I’m wearing one myself, so we can all keep our tears hidden as we squeeze our beloved host in the middle ((( πŸ’ž )))

          What’s that? Oh, I see… I’m so touched I mixed them up…

          Meenakshi, your baby brother is laughing with us. He says we are adorably silly, me with lipstick and Pragal with a moustache and you thinking we are repelled by the depth of your grief. And he is sooo grateful for this safe and warm home of yours where you welcome friendly souls who embrace you just as you are, and with everything you are going through.

          Now, sweetness. I also brought delicious cake to go with your lovely warm tea, and, we are all ears for your memories and anything at all you would like to share or get off your chest. Another group hug first, with maskless smiles and some healing tears too. We love you.

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          1. I’m so deeply touched that I’m short of words to express myself. These days I just noticed some , who avoid meeting me as if I’m suffering from some dangerous communicable disease. Specially on days of festivals etc they avoid facing me. So I thought it’s better to shut the grief behind mask of smiles and behave nothing has happened.

            I’m so glad to see that humanity and compassion is still alive in my true friends!

            I don’t know how to return this unconditional love πŸ’ž
            I love you too my dear friend!

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            1. It’s a torture to them too, dearest Meenakshi, the pain we exude; people cannot handle it. Our intensity feels draining to them, like we want to punish them for feeling better, and softening it for their sake is beneficial to us too, in more ways than we can see while still immersed in our dark nights of the soul. The more we suffer, the more we learn to release others of any obligation towards us, the more we reconnect with the divine self-love that heals us and everyone we touch. Do not worry about words and there is nothing to return. I feel your heart in mine and it sustains me, and my Plutonia through me, more than I can tell you. I thank You and God bless you and yours always, beloved friend.

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          2. Dearest Leon and Meenakshi, I have the widest smile while I can’t stop my tears rolling …I am so so deeply touched in my heart, thank you for including me in this divine friendship …it is most real in this so called virtual world. I wish the Universe grants me the energy that helps you feel my hug, as I need one just to be able to contain the kindness and love flowing here.

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            1. Divine friends are pulled like magnet to be there for each other and help in healing and uplifting of each other Pragal! As I told you before too I feel a bond when I read your posts. Yes let’s have this group hug to transfer positivity to each other!
              Lots of love to both my friends and special love for Plutonia too πŸ’ž

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  1. Glad you’re making progress !!
    Best thing about mind is that we can consciously fool it
    If you will fake it for long, you will start believing in it.
    Keep convincing yourself till then that everything is okay πŸ’ž

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  2. People who don’t understand you may never change. You still can be you and feel what you feel inside even if you can’t talk to everyone about your feelings. I do hope that some people around you do understand and that you would feel free to express your sadness. Having a few people who understand may help, that you don’t have to shut off yourself completely!

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