Child Of God!

Identity# daily prompt 

From new born child

To first daughter

From first daughter

To eldest sister

From eldest sister

To a newly bride

From newly bride

To devoted wife

From a devoted wife

To a loving mom

But who actually am I?

What is my own Identity

Behind these labels?

I need to define

Playing every role dutifully

Now is the time

To live for myself

As a God’s loving child!

Copyright 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry 

25 thoughts on “Child Of God!

  1. And by living for ourselves this way, we discover that we can also be fulfilling our roles without getting lost ever again, always embraced by our true Self, always aware of our divinity.
    So good feeling you breathing more freely!
    God bless you, my sister Meenakshi 🌞💞🌞 Leon

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  2. The flow of relationships, the way you said it was neat. Not everyone gets to play all or most of these roles so it’s nice to experience all. Though I am yet to be a mother but happy for everything else 😃
    We get to evolve our personality with each relationship.
    Lovely post 💕

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  3. Beautifully said, Meenakshi! We have tried so hard to play our roles perfectly to a point that we have struggles. Only when we realize that we are a child of God and we’ve done our best in the sight of God that we have a peace of mind!

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