Release# daily prompt

Ready Am I?
To Release you
From my thoughts
From my life?
After you are gone
To be a star in the sky
No, I doubt!
I can ever do that
How can I ?
If I say yes
It will be a great lie
So better to accept
Now I have to live
With this pain inside
Still keep smiling
While greeting each day
While greeting each night
With full of new spirits
Hiding all my inner fights

Copyright 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry 

15 thoughts on “Release

  1. are woman of great attained advanced from of meditation at young know lot of philosophy about karma,death and never gonna forget your brother..that’s impossible..but why can’t you see him as angel came in you’re brothers body to take your karmic debts..he gave you great memories..lif is pack of memories..he designed your life with beauty. Be thankful and be proud and be just can’t communicate with him..but he made impression in you…so he is living in you..please don’t be sad mam..I want to see your smile again in blog

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    1. Thank you for these enlightening words Kalyan! When this kind of pain strikes, when we lose our sibling or any near one who is part of your soul all wisdom lost. But you will surely get to read positive words soon!

      Thank you so much once again and yes my brother is in fact with me as my guiding angel πŸ™‚

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  2. Hope you smile again mam,Maybe that’s what your brother wants from you,we don’t want our loved ones to grieve right?? If suppose you die,and if you’r soul seeing your closed ones,Do you want them to be sad or do you want them to be smile?? Death should be a kind of celebration.Be happy that he is not suffering anymore in this painful flesh body,he is relased from this prison of pain,But we are still suffering.Be happy that he has nothing more to suffer.he is in peace

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