Open Letters To My Dear Brother #7

4th October 2017

Dear Brother,
Exactly two months have passed today. We are learning to live with this void you left behind. I went to your home (still want to call it that) to visit mom and dad. They are trying to keep strong as there is no other option.

You will be happy to know our mom is very smart. She is learning to use whats app on her new phone that I gifted her. I made a folder of your pics on her phone. First thing in morning and last thing at night she does is open it and talk to you.
We were looking at your pictures of school days. Which reminded me how we choose best school of our area for you.

You were always a bright student and quick learner. Teachers used to appreciate you but I guess they were impressed more by your charm than intelligence. Making friends instantly was an art we both possess since childhood. You too had a large number of friends. Friends from your childhood are still the ones who call me regularly. No one is finding it easy to let you go. They still break down when they call.

You were a good friend, a good human being, a good brother and an excellent son. Parul and I are trying to play a son and daughter both for our parents but how can we be you? We are now broken pieces of a perfect family picture, trying to mend it and reframe it. But do you think it’s that easy…

While coming back from our parent’s home I missed the moment of saying bye to you. I used to try to ignore tears in your eyes and sadness in your eyes every time while coming back from your home. Why you loved me so much? No brother cries like that when his sister lives in same city. Or were you aware that our journey together is not that long? Whatever it was this love of yours is making it more difficult to accept the harsh blow of your death.

It’s just two months today. How long is life and how we are going to live it we have no idea.

Still in grief
Your broken sister

© 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry 

35 thoughts on “Open Letters To My Dear Brother #7

  1. My heart goes out to you, dear friend. I can feel you. I pray each day that God give you the courage to pass each day in a way that the grief lessens. But it isnt that easy even though I wish it with all my heart. Take care. Youre one strong woman I know. Your brother is surely looking down upon you and smiling.

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  2. It has been only two months. You and your brother were together for 34 (?) years. Even 34 months is not enough to ease the pain of pure love. Just close your eyes and feel the pain and feel how deep your love is for your brother. If you let go of this feeling too soon, you may feel guilty of forgetting your brother. Listen to your heart and your feeling and do accordingly. I’m praying for you, not for you to get over with it, but for comfort and peace.

    What you did for your mom’s phone was very smart and very helpful. My former school superintendent used to take his mom to his dad graveside, his mom would spend hours talking to his dad. So let your mom talking to your brother is a very good way for her to express her grief and loss.

    Take care of yourself, Meenakshi!!

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    1. Miriam you are very understanding and practical friend. That’s true, I think rest of our life we will spend like this keeping him alive in our hearts and thoughts. Though pain will fade away slowly but not so soon, as everyone expects.
      I’m doing all in my reach to cover the loss of my parents with whatever I can do for them.
      Thank You so much for taking time out to read and write though you are very busy yourself! Lots of love !

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      1. You’re very much welcome, Meenakshi. I’m not making too many posts, once or twice a week, but spend more time corresponding. So don’t worry about my time. I’m glad you’re helping your parents. It’s a difficult thing for parents. In Chinese, they say this is “gray hair say goodbye to black hair. It’s hard to out live their children!

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          1. Yes, especially when their kids are little bit bigger or are into their adulthood, they have deeper relationship with them, it’s harder. For the moms who have the loss through miscarriage or stillbirth, it takes less time to grief!

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