Open Letters To My Dear Brother #5

14th September 2017

Dear Brother,
Are there any visiting hours above there? I want to visit you to share so much just like old times. Miss our deep conversations.
From the day you started talking I was always longing to hear didi from you. But you never called me that. From very early days you called me by my name. I remember how I used to get irritated by this. But your naughty teasing smile used to melt my heart.

You were super cute child. With charming dimple on your face. Your first birthday was a big festival for us. From morning till late night our home was full of guests. Nani (maternal grandmother) gifted you a red coloured tricycle. You were very excited to see that. Parul and I went with our parents for your Birthday shopping. Those little things and that time of our life was happiest one.
Now nothing gives me happiness. You brought it in our life with you and took away with you all of it. Now life seems just incoming and outgoing records of breathes. I’m very lonely without you. Can you feel it from there?
Every morning when I wake up, it tooks me a few minutes to accept that you are no longer with us. Sometimes my ears ache to hear my name in your voice. I wish I had recorded your voice or made videos of us together.
God has not done justice. He should have allotted some more time to us together. But maybe a lifetime was not enough to spend with you.

Please choose me as your sister in each and every life.
Love you more than ever
Lonely and lost without you!

ยฉ 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry 

36 thoughts on “Open Letters To My Dear Brother #5

  1. โ€œThat is your spiritual practice, to allow this memory…
    to surf this memory back to the love that you and your daughter shared…
    to allow the memory to take you to your most essential Self.

    In other words, not to feel that this residual grief is something that has to be tolerated, or lived with forever, or…

    It’s more than that.

    It’s like a call from Love, asking you to come back. That’s your daughter’s gift to you.
    Don’t just tolerate that; don’t just…
    Don’t practice ‘Can I live with this forever?’

    No, this is something beautiful. Treasure it!
    Yes, of course it’s tinged with sorrow, it’s tinged with grief, but you know that the core of that sorrow and grief is the experience of Love.

    All the questions about choice in relation to your daughter, in a way they distract you from the real issue.
    They are your mind trying to make it OK.

    But in your heart there’s something that’s not completely OK. There’s this grief that still comes up.

    Don’t avoid it. Go there. Go where it is trying to take you.

    Or rather, go where it is inviting you.
    Because, that’s where you’ll find your daughter,
    the heart of your Self,
    the seat of Love.โ€

    ๐Ÿ’œ ๐Ÿ’œ ๐Ÿ’œ

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    1. Not my words, dear Meenakshi, hence the quotation marks. These are beloved Mr Spira’s words to a woman from the audience who lost her daughter many years ago, is still grieving and judging herself for it. You will find the video especially soothing, if you can watch it. Rupert Spira has helped me and many people so much in our divine remembering.

      You are most welcome! Lots of love back at you! 💜🙏Leon

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      1. Yea, I noticed after watching the video. Sorry for that. Video is soothing and I can relate myself to it. One more thing I learnt is all this episode of my brother’s illness and death is taking me towards spirituality more gates are opening in many terms. I’m receiving the light from Universe.
        Thank You for sharing this Leon! ๐Ÿ™

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  2. Your brother has big eyes. I love his eyes. He was a lovely kid. I’m sure he was a kind person and especially loved you very much. This love is always with you and it’s your treasure that nothing can take it away! His voice will never fade away, it will always be in your ears. My dad passed away 14 years ago, I still remember his voice and how he called my Chinese name!

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    1. Thank You for giving me hope Miriam. I really was afraid to think that one day I will forget his sweet voice. But a few days ago his friend shared some videos of their travel and it has his voice recorded in too. You have no idea how many times I watched that video just to hear his voice.

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              1. You’re welcome. I see how much my husband misses his best friend. He still thinks that only Randy could have a guy to guy talk and laugh with him. It’s been 1 year and 9 months. He is accepting it but it’s still something missing, nothing could replace it.

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