Open Letters To My Dear Brother #4

6th September 2017

Hello little bro!
Writing you after a break. Reason is I myself was/is heart broken. My grief is growing instead of coming down. After many stages of grief now sadness and loneliness has enveloped me. No matter how hard I try I can’t smile genuinely. Sometimes I ache to join you at that side of universe.
Our parent’s home looks abandoned without your presence. I still remember how happy and enchanting it was when we brought you home after some days of stay at our grandpa’s home. Parul and me were super excited, proud and happy to have the prettiest baby as our little bro.
Our neighbors, friends, relatives all came to welcome you in this world. My friends liked you so much. They became your big fan. You were our favorite toy.
I remember I never wanted to go to school leaving you behind. It affected my studies that year. All I wanted to do was stay around you.
But those old aunts of Papa, I,hated them as they didn’t allow us to touch you.
But our mom was generous, she never stopped us to play with you. Our happiness reached at another level after you were born. How beautiful were those days!
Can’t you come back and make us all happy once again?

I’m missing you night and day
Love you
Will write again
Your lonely sister

©2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry 

15 thoughts on “Open Letters To My Dear Brother #4

  1. Very good, Meenakshi… Very good. Let it all out. It’s OK to not smile too; I only wish you could see the sweet faces of all your friends here all around you; because our spirits Are. And little bro’s gratitude will be keeping you warm on this side of the universe. You will see.
    For the moment, just hugs on hugs on hugs. During the days and nights when you feel too drained to even write, remember and feel this:
    We are Always in our Father’s healing embrace.
    Always, sister!
    Love you, love you, love you!
    💜💜💜 Leon

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    1. I’m so greatful for having you as my well wisher here Leon! These words are providing me strength that I need!
      Lots n lots of love to you and all those friends who are reading my words for my brother ❤ and standing with me in this time of need!

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