Open Letters To My Dear Brother #2

31st August 2017

Dear Honey!

You have turned me into a crying machine. I myself wonder where is factory of these tears? Coming out as flood sometimes. Did I really love you so much?

I was remembring the days before your birth. Parul and I were happy sisters. We never cribbed over anything. We never gave our parents a tough time. Our childhood and needs were simple and limited. I want to confess I never asked God to give me a brother. It was Parul who prayed so much for a brother. She always felt sad on Rakhi as she had no one to tie a rakhi.

Then God answered her prayers and our mom conceived you. Her pregnancy was not an easy one. Sometimes I hated you before your birth to give such a hard and painful time to our mom.

Then on a cool October evening before one week of your birth mom started having labour pains. She was shifted to same hospital where I was born ten years ago. St. Stephen in old Delhi.

You were really lazy to be born after a week of her admission in the hospital. You know how hard it was for three of us (Papa, Parul and me) to manage without mom.

We shifted in our grandfather’s house. Finally on 17th October 1982 doctors decided to operate her to deliver you. We all were praying for safety of mom and you. She was taken to operation theatre. While docs were preparing for the operation, mom had vision of her Guru ji and Babaji (who blessed her to have a son before your birth) they were telling her not to worry. And then like a magic you were born in few minutes without any operation. It was 7:20 pm. Doctors were very surprised. They told Papa it was a miracle.

Announcement of your birth brought wave of happiness in our family. Our grandfather who just reached home from the hospital and was still at gate of his house almost ran back after hearing the news. Our Chacha was mad with excitement. He went straight to hospital and guards were not able to stop him at entey gate. Though meeting hours were over. He just broke all rules to meet you. That high was his excitement level.
We went to see you next day on monday. Lazy you no doubt you were born on Sunday the holiday! 🙂

And left this world on Friday to spent weekend at that side of universe…

Copyright© 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry

All Rights Reserved

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