32 thoughts on “Sending You My Love!

  1. Well ,after reading the previous comments words have fallen short.
    I would only say that your love is a blessing and it will always bring happiness to your brother wherever he goes.
    A new world beyond life.

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        1. Meenakshi I recommend you to read the forty rules of life by Elif Shafak. I just finished reading it and loved it and I have a feeling that you too would like reading it now.
          Best wishes!!

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            1. Wooo
              You have kindle too 😊
              I also read it on my kindle
              Kindle version is cheaper and makes it so easier to carry your library in handbag 😊
              Go for kindle version buddy!!
              Happy reading 📖

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  2. Your love for your brother will never stop wherever he goes. Your precious memories keep you company and keep your conversation with him alive, his answer to your words shows in his eyes. He is touched by your never changing love!

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      1. One blogger has been writing to her son for 900 days. It’s a way to refresh the memories of the loved one who has gone before us. I like the way you pour out your love to your brother, Meenakshi! ♥♥*♥

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