Open Letters To My Dear Brother #1

30 August 2017

Dear Honey,

Missing you so much!

It’s been 27 days. Not ever in my life we both stayed apart not talking to each other for this length of time. Accepting someone’s departure forever from our life is not easy at all. From 4th of August till today, my life has become a rollercoaster of thoughts and feelings. My mind keep playing, rewinding and fast forwarding our life as a movie playing role of brother and sister so many times.

And now here I’m so lonely and lost without you. I have no clue how I’m going to live rest of my life with you gone forever…

These days all I want to do is talk about you with everyone but I can’t do that. First of all who will listen with same love as I feel for you and secondly whenever I start talking about you my throat choked up with emotions and eyes flood up with tears.

So I choose to write it all. Giving it a try from today. I have faith you are reading it all. I know we will meet again in some other lifetime. Till then keep reading my letters and I will keep writing.

With full of love ❤❤

Your loving sis!

Copyright ©2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry 

All Rights Reserved 

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