Missing You 

Missing you night and day bro. Lots n lots of love!

सब कहते हैं मैं रिहा करूँ तुझे 

बता कैसे खुद से जुदा करूँ तुझे 

तू याद हो तो भुला भी दूँ 

तू ख्याल हो तो हटा भी दूँ 

तेरी रूह से जो मेरा रिश्ता है

मैं कैसे उसे मिटा सकूँ ?

सब कहते हैं जाने दूँ तुझे 

फिर कैसे तुझसे मिला करूँ 

वो जगह बता जहाँ मैं आ सकूँ 

तुझे हाल अपना बता सकूँ 

जहाँ खोने का तुझे कोई डर न हो

औरों का दिया कोई गम न हो 

जहाँ आँखों में फिर अश्क न हों 

जहाँ मिल कर फिर जुदा हम न हों।

They say I should release you

Tell me how could I do so

If you were a memory 

I could stop thinking you

If you were a thought 

I could have erased you

But the relation of our soul is so strong 

How could I end this bond?

They say I should let you go

Then how should I meet you?

Tell me the place where I can come

To share my heart and it’s burden

Where I don’t have the fear to lose you again

Where we don’t have to bear this unstoppable pain

Where our eyes will be free of tears

Where our hearts will be free of fears!

34 thoughts on “Missing You 

  1. “Woh kahi dur nahi gaye balki pass agaye,
    yaadon me amar hokar dil ke kareeb agaye,
    sochna na kabhi ki woh nahi hai yaha, arey khudke under toh dekho woh dil me samagaye!!”

    Ma’am, believe me, he is never far away from you but he is close to you, he is with you everyday and night. After death body decays but soul always remains…
    I know ki me aapka dukh khatam nahi kar sakta but atleast kam toh kar sakta hu na…


    1. Here it is for you-

      Sab kehte hain main riha karun tujhe
      Bata kaise khud se zuda karun tujhe
      Tu yaad ho to bhula bhi doon
      Tu khyal ho to hata bhi doon
      Teri rooh se jo mera rishta hai
      Main kaise usse mita sakun?
      Sab kehte hain jane doon tujhe
      Phir kaise tujhse mila karun
      Vo jagah bata jahan aa sakun
      Tujhe haal apna bata sakun
      Jahan khone ka tujhe koi darr na ho
      Oron ka diya koi gam na ho
      Jahan aankhon mein phir ashk na hoon
      Jahan mil kar juda phir hum na hon!


  2. It’s so hard and so sad, Meenakshi! You can’t believe that he’s gone. Wishing to be somewhere you could see him and be with him again. Yes it feels like part of your heart is taken away and it hurts so much. Praying for you. I’m glad to see you write about it!

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    1. Hi Miriam! Now I see no other way to be with him except in my writings. Went to my spiritual teacher today and his words of wisdom gave me a little peace.Although time is what will help me to get over it.
      Thank You so much dear for being with me in this time.

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      1. You’re welcome, Meenakshi. Writing about it is away to think about him and remember him, and write about your feeling. It’s a therapeutic way to process it. Take your time and take care of yourself. Miriam

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          1. I watched my son-in-law and Lynton of how long they took to go through the briefing. But when my youngest sister lost her husband of 51 years old, her best friend kept praising her being “strong,” she did talk about how she felt and never shared with the family. She just swallowed it. It’s not healthy…

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            1. Yes you are right it’s not healthy. My aunt lost his son last year and she didn’t cry at all. She is still on medication. Everyone has different way to deal with grief. It’s the most difficult phase to deal with. The ultimate reality of life still not easy to accept.

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              1. I know! Even last night, my husband said the “pay per view” program the Randy liked is coming up soon. If Randy is here, they would watch it together. Today, he considers getting a software, but it’s out of his comfort zone. He said Randy would have no trouble figuring out. So we still talk about Randy a lot and miss him.

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