अलविदा/ Alvida

रुक गईं साँसें तेरी 

थम गई कलम मेरी 

अब जो बहता है वो दर्द है 

अब जो थमता है वो वक्त है

चलती हैं साँसें मेरी 

पर रुक गई जिंदगी वहीं 

जहाँ अलविदा कहा तुझे 

वहीं खुद से मैं जुदा हुई।

Ruk gayi sansein teri

Thum gayi kalam meri

Ab jo behta hai vo dard hai

Ab jo thamta hai vo waqt hai

Chalti hain sansein meri

Par ruk gayi zindagi vahin

Jahan alvida kaha tujhe

Vahin khud se mein zuda hui

9 thoughts on “अलविदा/ Alvida

  1. I’ve been away from the blog for a bit and so I apologize for the late message….My heartfelt condolences to you and your family dearest Meenashi. I am praying for you, them and your gem of a brother. Much love to you! And anytime you feel like just talking I’m always there …we can chat on Instagram message or email. Please take care of yourself my dear.
    Sending you ,many, many hugs
    Lots of love

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    1. I’m thankful and feel lucky to have a precious friend like you Divya. You are a fine human being. I never knew it before but these words of condolences actually helps and means a lot in such times. I will contact you soon. Lots of love with gratitude from me and family.

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  2. Bagta ab bhi meri rooh me hai tu,
    Jaanti hu Chahta meri Khushi Tu,
    Mere dukh me Teri rahat nahi,
    Yahi Soch kar roti chup ho gyi.
    Waqt Ka marham abhi kafi nahi,
    Tera wajood mere andr Mita nahi,
    Teri takat muje leke badti chale,
    Aesi hi Teri dua rahi.
    Dukhi hokar tuje Karna khafa nahi,
    Hasne ki chahat to rahi nahi,
    Par Apne dukh se tuje rulana chuahun nahi,
    Teri dua meri Khushi,
    To abse meri dost Khushi hi sahi.

    Lots of love and a big hug 😍🙏😘

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  3. Umdaaa 🙂
    I have started a community for poets pennpoets.com where you can connect with poets from all over the world where you can create your profile, share your poems, follow other fellow poets, chat, like & comment on their poems.
    Sign up for pennpoets.com now 🙂
    Hope to see you there 🙂

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