18 thoughts on “बहने दे

  1. I hope your tears wash up and ease your pain.
    I don’t know Meenakshi but people saying acha Likha hai seems inappropriate to me for it’s real not fictional pain.
    I wish your words act as balm on your wounds and time act fast to reduce your pain and give you strength to deal with it.

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    1. Tears are not enough to wash this pain Cherry. I have stopped thinking what people are saying or doing. Everything seems fake now. You know my friends whom I thought are close ones for years are maintaining a distance these days….no one wants to hear depressing things or actually stand by you in such times. His death has opened my eyes to show me real face of people around me.
      I really appreciate your reaching out to me and share my grief. Lots of love ❤


      1. That is a fact revealed to me already and it had made a part of me bitter. People will stick around only till life is a party and you have good times to offer them. You and your immediate family turn to be your strength alone. Very few stick around during tough times but don’t blame yourself for that it happens with many. And you know Meenakshi once you become stronger again these friends will come back again saying we didn’t know how to handle the situation and did what best we could and things might get back but you will never let your guards down again and will have this inner knowledge that they are only fair weather friends. But loosing such people isn’t a loss et all. I will be glad if I could comfort you in any way.
        Lots of love and a big hug.
        It’s their loss not yours so don’t mind.

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  2. You are actually right they are fair weather friends only…I don’t know when will I get back to normal again but one thing is clear to me it’s time to clear the junk out of my life now.
    Thank You so much for these hugs and love more than anything I need them. ❤


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