45 thoughts on “Rest In Peace 

  1. May his soul rest in peace and may God give you and your family all the strength to bear with the loss.

    Stay strong di, it’s important that you do so, so that you can support your parents in these hard times. My good wishes and prayers are always with you.

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  2. I am extremely sorry for your loss, Meenakshi. May you and family gather strength during such tough times. It’s very painful to lose someone this close and he is too young to die. But, I am sure he will stay with you forever and always look over you.


  3. May God give him peace. Big hug to you. May uncle aunty be strong to let him go. Love to you. You will always have my support as a virtual friend. Big hug


  4. Your brother will be missed by you and many. He will be forever living in your memory. I pray for his soul be Rest In Peace. I also pray that you and your family are comforted knowing that he is no longer suffering, he pain is gone, he is set free.

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    1. Thank You Miriam. I pray for his peaceful journey ahead daily. But still my heart is burning. It will take some time. He was one of those few people who loved me unconditionally. Our bond was very special.

      1. I understanding the feeling. My son-in-law stayed by his mom’s side 24/7 for her last 7 weeks. My daughter did the driving to see him on weekends. After she passed and cremated, asked to spread the ashes into the ocean, he kept it at home for one year, then made a special trip to her favorite beach to do it. They had strong bond together also.

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  5. Sorry for your loss,I know it hurts..when they is lot of love ve be there is even lot of pain in that,Time will heal..but before that you should be strong enough to accept..you are the person with great knowledge.Should be bold to face life..

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