Happy Birthday – Meenakshi Ji!


This is the best wish I guess I ever received.  Though I decided to not pick my ph today or accept any wish on this Birthday as my heart is full of pain today. My younger brother is losing his fight for life in ICU. But when my father called me at 12 today to wish me birthday from hospital he told me my brother even in state of half consciousness was trying to send me his wishes. Then I received this wish here on WP and feeling overwhelmed.  

I don’t know what is in store for my family but still I want to thank Almighty for this precious life. 

कहीं जश्न ए जिंदगी 

कहीं इंतजार ए मौत 

बड़ी बेरहम है वक्त की मार

बड़ा बेदर्द है इसका खौफ 

80 thoughts on “Happy Birthday – Meenakshi Ji!

  1. Wish your brother wins this fight giving peace and happiness to your family. Best wishes to you on your birthday!! You are special 💕

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  2. That’s why they are called brothers. The love of a brother can never be defined in words. May god bless you with your brother’s success in this fight for life and may he recover soon. I know he will.😊
    Have a peaceful birthday ma’am. Prayers and blessings from my side. Good luck!!. And keep praying.🙏

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  3. May lord give you and your family all the strength. My prayers are with you di, and not just me, so many of us here on WP are remembering you and your brother in our prayers. I’m sure everything will soon be alright.
    Take care and God bless, and happy birthday 🙂

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  4. Aways keep smiling and writing… Wishing you a happiest Birthday ever and speedy recovery to your brother…
    Hope your Brother will present you a gift that too his excellent health soon!!

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  5. My thoughts are with your family Meenakship and best wishes with your younger brother. Belated birthday. The almighty has a way to bring a smile on your face and don’t lose hope for miracles do happen.

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  6. Oh no…im so sorry to hear this! It’s very painful!! I can only imagine what you and your family would be going through right now. I hope and pray and wish that he recovers well and is able to do everything on his own. Dont lose hope and have faith in the Almighty. Stay strong!!

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  7. Tere hath mein hai bhi to kuch nahin…….na janma apni marji se…na hi mout par kabja tera…..

    Phir bhi shour gul bohot hai…tu tu…main main ka….

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      1. I am so sorry to hear about your loss Meenakshi ji…have no words right now…and no words can describe the condition of your heart while dealing with this excruciating pain. i can only imagine what you and your family must be going through right now. This reality of life and the cruel fate is too much bear and you and your family will need each other’s support to withstand this terrible time. Whatever words of console i or anyone can offer may only help a little but ultimately time is the only healer. You have to let out all the emotions as it’s only human to cry and feel the loss. But at the same time you have to support your family and parents to help them bear this pain while at the same time taking care of yourself. I know it’s cruel to expect so much from you in such weak moments. But having gone through similar loss myself i can understand your pain. Your loss revived my days and hence i thought to share. For days and months it will be hard to even realize the truth that he is gone…you will expect him around. His memories will always be there and he will be coming in your dreams for long. Looking at pics and belongings will revive memories and make you desperate. But time eventually comes to the rescue. It is hard..very hard to cope up but you have to continue as you have the responsibility to look out for others so that they dont shatter. Sometimes helping others in grief lessens one’s own pain. And gives much needed strength. I know you will do it given your caring nature and i dont need to say it. But apart from looking after your parents, also take care of yourself. Let out your emotions in writing, talk to someone, keep yourself busy with work. And do whatever you can for the departed soul since that’s all you can do for him now so that he rests in peace. You have to pray for him. Give alms to poor. Hold prayer meetings. Take spiritual help. And take care of yourself too since that also matters otherwise the departed soul will be unhappy seeing you broken down like this (remember even during his last days he remembered your bday and wished you…he cared for you and loved you so much…so it will pain his soul too if you dont take care of yourself)…He was in a lot of pain and you all did the best possible efforts for him. God relieved him of all his pains. And it’s God only who will take care of him as well as give strength to you and your family to bear the loss. We cant do anything except pray for his peace and live in the memories. Please hold yourself together while grieving the loss. My prayers are with you and your family. And may his soul rest in peace!

        Do let me know if i can do anything for you. Take care!

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        1. I have no words to show you my gratitude. Thank You so much for taking time out for me. I’m sure he is in peace wherever he is. It will take some time for me to get back to normal again. Just pray for the departed soul and me. Thank You so much once again.


  8. Meenakshi, I am so sorry to hear about your brother’s passing. I read your post and my heart did a clutch. It is so terribly painful to lose a beloved family member, and even though it has been 3 years since my own son passed from cancer, I have such sorrow still about it. You are in my thoughts. ❤

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