Shallow #daily prompt #season 3#attempt 22

Not just Shallow droplets
Mixture of pain and deep emotions
Flowing out from eyes freely
Tears are more than what you see
Tears are more than you and me
And all the pain that is deep within
They carry with them my love for you
They carry with them our connection too
Not just shallow droplets
Each tear is full of depth!

Copyright © 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry 

All Rights Reserved 


11 thoughts on “Tears

  1. Tears are witness that something happened unpleasant to you. They are proof that things are not as you wished. When you leave the hope and stopped trying what you wanted. They do tell you have accepted defeat to the circumstances. You broke. You wanted to celebrate being unsucces with your tears. Tears are bridges between one twist to another start ….They do bring peace and give you comfort and feeling of friendship that you are not alone they are with you always like a shadow with life. Your own treasure. Your true companion . Tears assures you that they will not go away you can call them anytime. They will never judge you and never question you anything . Tears know that what has gone wrong they came out in your support with no reason instantly. Tears understand you better than any human on the earth. They are never unfaithfull to you.

    Indeed tears are your best friend ever till last breath.


        1. His haemoglobin went down to 5 so doctors 4 units of blood was given to him but his body has not accepted it properly. He is unconscious from last 2 days and is in ICU.
          He is facing multiple health issues from past 4 yrs after his wife left him to marry her colleague and took their daughter with her too whom she doesn’t allow to meet. Since then he left all desire to live. Started drinking to the point to end his life. Had multiple organ failure but from last 4 yrs Some magical power is saving his life. Miracles happened three times and he came back to life from clutches of death. This time however his suffering is not bearable.


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