Gate To Heaven

Gate#daily prompt #season 3#attempt 15

Watching the sky
Searching for the secret Gate
To enter
That heavenly place
Where life is a fairytale
Sometimes I get lost
In admiration of
That architect
Who constructed
This magical plane!

Copyright © 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry

All Rights Reserved

45 thoughts on “Gate To Heaven

  1. It’s mind boggling to think of the architecture of the universe. What we can see is only what is by the entrance! Noone has discovered what goes beyond! It’s magical and mystical, no wonder we get lost. Wonderful poem, Meenakshi!

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                  1. Yes, we do it once in awhile. But we finished painting inside of the house. This morning my hubby finished painting the shed in the backyard with my help….what next? We do have many project. I need to clean all the displays in a curio and the China cabinet, has 10 years of dust.

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