After Final Sleep

Bury# daily prompt #season 3#attempt 6


One day when my tired soul
Will refuse to take burden of
Incoming and outgoing breathes
Decide to leave five elements abode

One day when your days and nights
Refuse to play lyrics of my life
Change the tune of all your songs
Music should always go on…

After they perform my final rituals
And submerge away my residuals
Please Bury all that you feel for me
Cutting this cord between you and me!

I want to live only in peace
But pieces of our story incomplete
Never going to let me sleep
Even after that final sleep.


Copyright ©2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry

All Rights Reserved

27 thoughts on “After Final Sleep

  1. This is deep..three days close friend passed away..I don’t know how to react..scared of my future..I can’t see her’s like a new brain and new thoughts occupied me..


    1. I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss. These shattering events leave that effect on us. They change the person inside us completely. These all are eye opener things which led us to the great truth.

      Help his mom as much as you can by being with her in this time of pain and loss.
      May the soul of your friends rest in peace.

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  2. Actually I am living in completely other state,soo I can’t go,intact I can’t see her family members like that,it happened in Germany,and dead body arrives Tomorrow,my perspective towards life is suddenly changed,I don’t know how to talk,because everyone is temporary.I know death is inevitable..but this young is not fair and it’s cruel.I don’t want to happen this to anyone in the world..But even we can’t do anything ourselves my dreams,my goals.and everything that which I dreamt of future is now seems unclear..don’t know how to take life


    1. I can understand the state you are going through…my younger brother is fighting battle of death and life from past two years. Everyday we sleep with uncertainty of seeing him again or not.
      Some things are beyond our control. Give it some time and practice meditation if you can or just go and sit for sometime at the place where you can feel peace.

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  3. I am not sad,and I am not smiling too,But fear is dominating me,and uncertainty of human life.I don’t know why humans have to suffer?? Though there is karma,why can’t man live 70 years minimum and suffer ..already he will be infront of eyes..we can communicate with him…I am sorry for you too..but how to see life.

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    1. I was once where you are now…but reading spiritual and inspirational books and time of course helped me grow through it all…
      You too will get all answers that you are seeking.


      1. Hope I will get but I want to do something to body should suffer that much pain that his mom had..Everyone should smile..In this kind of temporary world..what’s the need of living

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  4. After final sleep life will blossom and repeat it’s beauty again with fresh fragrance. Our life start from same place where we take last breath ….Where we were burried.

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        1. That’s true we have to complete it…and this vicious circle go on and on till spiritual blessings descend. That’s why I wrote cut the cord…and let the soul go freely at its home.


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