Savage Beast Of Memories 

Savage#daily prompt #attempt 3#season 3

Every night I fight
With this Savage beast
And every night silently
I accept my defeat
These wild untamed memories
Are going to kill me one day
Finding no cure of them
I let me lost in their solace
Having no idea
How much time
My heart will take to heal
For how long some songs
Would flood my eyes to peak!
For how many years
I will carry
This emptiness within
Traces of lost love
Now feels like a sin
This wild disturbing fight
That I fight every moment inside
No one can even see
Its marks behind my smiles!
No matter how much balm
I rub on my wounds
Some pains are meant to bear
Till we have our last breathe!

Copyright ©2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry

All Rights Reserved


32 thoughts on “Savage Beast Of Memories 

  1. Living with memories that hurt us, living with the constant reminders of events, of failures, of hurt and pain, knowing that those pains, and those instances of suffering are just training to allow us to help others in need. Those who can endure and press on have a responsibility to show those who struggle how to push forward.

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  2. sashtang hokar apko pranam….sometimes your poem make me feel lost…make me feel vulnerable…there’s this unknown rhythm subtle that just let me sit back and submerged in a deep deep thought…

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