Once Again 

Revelation#Daily Prompt #Season 2#Attempt 89


It is one of those days
When burried emotions
Are rushing back to surface
Dying for the Revelation
Once again I will face them
Once again I will taste them
Getting high with their rawness
Flowing some out of eyes
Then filling the remains in a bottle
I would burry down somewhere
Deep very deep…Then
After getting somber
Returning back to life of normal
(That’s what they call it)
I will sing, laugh and live
But will try not to feel that
That I burried deep within…


Copyright © 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry

All Rights Reserved

29 thoughts on “Once Again 

  1. Memories, the wonder of the brain, could trigger emotions. Sad emotions, but make our lives richer and deeper than the ones who have never suffered. What a dilemma! Wonderful poem!

    Meenakshi, did you get my new link and new posts okay? I want to turn of my old link, I keep getting follower for my old link that entitled “Do not Follow this Blog.” I got 30+ and continue coming new followers! Once you can get my new link, I won’t let my old link go public!

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      1. Now I got 4 more = 34 followers for my old site. Where are they coming from and did they see “Not to…”? So I will at least lock it for now, and the public shouldn’t see it. Thank you. I have problem using my phone to view my blog also!

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          1. Now I got a request to access my old site, so I have it on for 1/2 day, then lock it until I contact a few more of my followers. I got 10 back yesterday. Just a few more of my regular contacts, and I’ll settle for that. Thank you very much! My phone also open my old site, so I went to my email to click a comment to my new post, then it takes me to the new site!

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