Glory Of Wings

Uniform#Daily Prompt #Season 2#Attempt 84

Glory of wings
Beauty of flying
Can only be known
By the birds in the sky
I too want to break
The Uniform patterns of life
To taste the freedom
To feel the flight
To roam without navigation
In blue of the sky
Feeling wind against my wings
Filling lungs with the light
Let’s fly high
With golden wings
And dreamy eyes
Hope in the heart
And peaceful mind
To have soulful experience of
Glory of wings
Beauty of flying!

Copyright Β© 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry 

All Rights Reserved 

36 thoughts on “Glory Of Wings

  1. Hi Meenakshi, I got an email that you followed my old blog entitled “Don’t Follow This Blog.” Are you getting my post in your reader? If you’re following both, that doesn’t heart. In fact, I locked my old site, but you requested access, so I unlocked it. After I contacted some people I wanted to contact, I’ll lock (click private) the old site. Let me know if you have access to my new site!!

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