Fading Away

Distant#Daily Prompt #Season 2#Attempt 83

With every moving step in different directions
With every passing minute without interaction
With every negative thought sinking within
With every criticism coming towards me
With every day of dramas and tortures
With every sign of disrespect
With every increasing long silence
With every sign of decaying relation
I am fading away and you didn’t even notice
We are growing distant
I am growing Distant

Copyright ©2017, Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry 

All Rights Reserved 

26 thoughts on “Fading Away

  1. Nicely described…how people fail to realize or overlook the other person’s​importance in a relationship overtime…how that other person is emotionally suffering silently because of them and their indifference… silently hoping that one day things will change…hoping that their pain will someday be noticed….hope is all they have…but it never happens…and that kills the relationship eventually…reminds me of Ghalib’s lines….’मसरूफ रहने का अंदाज़ तुम्हें तन्हा न कर दे ग़ालिब, रिश्ते फुरसत के नही तवज्जो के मोहताज होते हैं’….

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      1. Yes true…and that’s what made them famous….the ability to not just describe their own feelings but feelings of other people’s as well…
        And btw you may want to correct the typo in line 7 😊

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