Radiate Love

Radiate#Daily Prompt #Season 2#Attempt 76

These sentiments are mystery
They envelopes my heart
Just like an early morning fog
Blocking my vision to see clearly
Trapping me in its tranquil mystery
Then they fade away slowly
Leaving behind their glory
That radiate for hours
Calming my senses
Giving their warmth
These sentiments
With love for someone
Helps me feel
I too am a human…


Copyright © 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry

All Rights Reserved

31 thoughts on “Radiate Love

  1. We humans crave for love and when we have love it magically works wonders to ones mind, heart and soul…infusing a strange calmness and energy. Still we have so less love and more of hatred! 😔

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