Whispers OF My Breath 

Reprieve#Daily Prompt #Season 2#Attempt 74


Whispers of my breath
When silent night moves ahead
Could be heard
Slow but clear
As if trying to make
Burden of life light
With their slow rhythm
Synchronizing with moving hands
Of that new clock on the wall
Trying to live in the moment
But this disturbed mind
Distracting their pace
Want them to race
Get tire running
Round and round
Reaching nowhere…

Being tired I give up
Surrender to approaching sleep
Heavy eye lids
Slowly shutting down
In hope to take this tired soul
To travel to a land of fairy tale
But Alas! Deep they know
The subconscious confused thoughts
Going to attack again!

Behind these close gates
Soul will slip from
One dream to another, till
The morning light will Reprieve
Heart, mind and soul
From these meaningless trips
Which I confused with sleep
Once again the noise of daily routine
Will overpower these
Whispers of my breath
Till silent night is ready
To hear their slow rhythm
Trying to tell something
Let’s see if it succeed!

Copyright © 2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry

All Rights Reserved

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