Let’s Jump The Cliff

Precipice#Daily Prompt #Season 2#Attempt 65

Not always plain road
Sometimes steep, rough too
My journey continued
Sailing smooth or facing difficulties
Till I reach at Precipice
And stopped my heart beat
One step ahead and
Life may end
But who knows
I could land safely
In a beautiful velvety valley
That I have never seen
Even in my dreams
Moving back?
No too late…
How could I?
To that safe, familiar and boring life
Have faith my soul
Let’s jump from this precipice
Who knows what could I find
If life ends what left to worry
If landing is safe then no need to worry!
One two and three
And here I go…
But Oh! I am floating
He gave me wings
So it was a test
Which I cleared with distinction
And rewarded with beautiful wings
Now no one could stop my flight
High n high n high…

Oh! Wait what was it?
Alas! It was just a dream
I noticed as soon as
Opened my eyes
But learnt a new lesson
That we just get afraid
When life brings us at dead end
And we restrain ourselves
To gather some courage
And jump the cliff!
Let yourself face
Any dead end
Just jump and you will see
Courage is what needed to solve
Some of life’s quiz!

Image credits: Pinterest

©2017 Meenakshi Sethi, Wings Of Poetry

All Rights Reserved

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