No Qualm

Qualm#Daily Prompt #Season 2#Attempt 64

Image credits:Pinterest 

The more I’m getting away
From crowd of physical bodies
And materialistic world
Towards realm of inner palace
I’m losing my loneliness
There is not a single Qualm here
Sound of mysterious yet
Peaceful music floats in air
There is no right no left
No up no down
Free of directions
Free of judgements
Freedom from decisions
To choose right or wrong
This place is more beautiful
Even than heaven
I can dive as deep as I want
Unlocking doors without any lock
Without any thought
Only surprise awaits at every corner
Of this shapeless place
Without any walls
Without any colour
This feeling could not be described in words
Its description is only to be felt
I wish to reside here forever
But surrounded by material world
Caged in physical body
I’m restricted to visit here!

Ā©2017 Wings Of Poetry, Meenakshi Sethi 

All Rights Reserved 

18 thoughts on “No Qualm

    1. Hi Pragal! Thank You so much. I’m so happy it made you smile. This kind of bliss could only be felt. I had luck or blessings of that Almighty!
      I wrote this one based on my own experience while meditating once. No more words as nothing could explain that bliss! ā¤

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          1. I was waiting for the notification from WP way passed 2000. I finally wrote to them, and got an email from them about no more notification. By that time, I have 2010. That’s where I feel comfortable and still have interaction with bloggers.

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