ये सन्नाटे/This Silence 

If you can read

Read this silence 

Lots of stories are buried 

Beneath debris of this silence 

Copyright © 2017 Wings Of Poetry, Meenakshi Sethi 

All rights reserved 


32 thoughts on “ये सन्नाटे/This Silence 

  1. I like it but I want to plead you to write positive because when we feel it, we write it and while we write it, we feel it more deeply. And if our emotions impact our writing and our writing impact our emotions then why not try to drag them to positive side. I am making the same effort these days and want you to do same. Don’t paint your canvas grey. Though your words are beautiful and deeply touching but use your craft to shift your mood. I am sorry if I said too much but I am doing it and want you to do it too.
    Lots of love 💕

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      1. Happy for that ☺
        It’s intense and nice
        And although I am trying to do same but I too have my weak moments when I end up writing my heart out whether it’s positive or not and I guess that’s​ equally important to be in touch with your emotions than let it get blocked inside. Just a thought.

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