Maze Love

Maze#Daily Prompt #Season 2#Attempt 60

Our relation a Maze garden
So confusing is it’s design
Neither it let me go out
Nor allows to stay inside

Thoughts of you are so complex
I’m unable to decide
If to lost myself in them
Or prevent them to enter in mind

Your love is like a prohibited drug
Injurious for my heart’s health
It warns me- if you drink you can’t live
If you won’t you will definitely die

Can you show me a way
To get rid of all this
That lost love and its memories
If not;and I know you can’t!
Atleast allow me to lose myself
Forever in this maze love…
And it’s complex design!

Copyright © 2017 Wings Of Poetry, Meenakshi Sethi 

All rights reserved 


46 thoughts on “Maze Love

  1. I should be showing up as GiftdKnowledge_ still trying to sign into me app correctly. I don’t understand what’s wrong just yet. It says I’m signed in at GiftdKnowledge_ but my comment show up as my old name. Computer make me Growl sometimes.

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  2. Highlights the helplessness of being stuck in the shadows of past love. Can’t get back, can’t get over and can’t deal with it and over a time this helplessness becomes an addictive drug that damages present yet give a relief to heart.
    Great post !!

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