Loving You Is Loving Myself!

This is for you Cherry @shewrites170.wordpress.com
One of my most favorite poem. Which I wrote long ago for my daughter πŸ™‚

Wings Of Poetry

​I fell in love with you,

The moment I saw you,

Those two beautiful little eyes,

Were so bright and true,

That innocent and pure smile,

Brought tears of joy to my eyes,

That moment was totally divine!

I got someone who was mine!

As if I was waiting to witness, it from ages!

Passing through life’s different stages!

And was meeting my soul outside my body,

Holding you in my hands was so cozy!

You were so little a bundle of joy,

A gift of God a sweet little toy,

After giving birth to you I learnt,

What is it to live for someone,

I also learnt why I got life,

What is it’s aim and why I was alive!

Now when you are growing up,

And Learning to live your life,

You should know that you are my pride!

And remember you have a mom,

Who is with…

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22 thoughts on “Loving You Is Loving Myself!

  1. With mother’s day around the corner, this is such a precious gift Meenakshi 😊
    Thanks for the reblog. Mother- daughter relationship is so pious, special, intense and comforting that everything and everyone else stands no chance to stand stronger than this πŸ˜†
    Lots of love to you and your little bundle of happiness πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ˜

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