Loved these lines by Cherry  from Shewrites170 (one of my angel friend whom I met here on WP) so much that I can’t stop myself from reblogging it! 💖




Why relationships end cruelly,
Why there has to be bitterness,
Why lovers have to be strangers again,
Why they can’t be friends to acclaim.
Why the pain of your absence,
Revisits me time and again.

Someone you reach out to,
In your pain and in your happiness.
The first name that pops in your head,
Why it has to go into oblivion.
Why they can’t become friends,
Does love and attachment ever ends.

It’s tough to accept that,
I can’t call you, when I am hurt,
I can’t tell you, all I need is just a hug,
I can’t ask you, if you are doing okay,
I can’t tell you, we have been best,
Till the ending day.
I can’t call you mine and,
Even that is fine, but,
What to do with the heart,
That says can’t beat the same way.

When you said, you will be there,

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14 thoughts on “IT CAN’T HAPPEN AGAIN

      1. Life doesn’t get cruel people are cruel and they blame it on life instead accepting responsibility of how their actions can affect others.

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        1. Hmm…but there are times when no one wants to hurt other but situations arise which force them to take some decisions which become cause of hurt.
          But you are also right sometimes these situations could be avoided or atleast explained not to hurt others.
          It all depends on people and their decisions…

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