Think Before You Speak 

Control#Daily Prompt #Season 2#Attempt 50

Control and filter your words
Before you throw them out
From your mouth
They are the shaprest weapon
That could pierce
Soft hearts
Leaving them bleed
For rest of life
Slowly letting
The beauty of relation die
Anything left after that
Are just residues
And little sparks
That keep burning
The hurts of the past!

Copyright © 2017 All rights Reserved Wings Of Poetry, Meenakshi Sethi 

38 thoughts on “Think Before You Speak 

  1. Sometimes under the spell of anger we tend to focus on better comebacks and in the process end up saying negative stuff that we thought of but kept away from saying it for we were aware of it’s inappropriateness but under the fit of rage, logic loses its place and we end up saying stuff that is always remembered as a sword stabbed in our chest of emotions. It would be great if we knew when to control, when to stop and let it pass without indulging in belittling the significant other.
    Great post Meenakshi !!

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    1. Great observation Cherry! This is how it all happens. But these are feelings and emotions which keep on changing. If not controlled can spoil and damage relations.
      Thank You Cherry I really appreciate your deep understanding of human behavior!

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      1. Yes it can and it’s strange but resonance of those harsh words is so strong that we end up remembering only those and it overshadows the good times spent together over a time. Lots of love Meenakshi!!

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  2. Absolutely true and our tongue is always sharper and once we open our mouth and say what we want cannot ever rectify again. Meenakshi you have written so well and the hurt of the past always remains. Loved this deep and awesome words of a great poem.

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