Crafting Skills

Yarn#Daily Prompt #Season 2#Attempt 48

Yards of years

Stretched behind

With needle in hands

To stitch the Yarn

In fabric of life

Weaving vivid colours

For coming years

With patterns of dreams

Let’s see how the design

Finally appears

But it all depends

On passion and skill

We use while crafting life!

Copyright © 2017 All rights Reserved Wings Of Poetry, Meenakshi Sethi 


20 thoughts on “Crafting Skills

  1. I dont know why but it makes me miss the good old winter days when mom and her friends used to spend leisurely hours in the soft winter sun knitting away! The love knitted along in those sweaters cant be replaced in these factory made ones now! 😔 Miss those days! I know it’s a little out of context of your post but still couldn’t help! 😊

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