Blanket Of My Memories

Blanket#Daily Prompt #Season 2#Attempt 45

Blanket of my memories
Still holds your scent
It is warm like love
It is dear like friends
When icy storm of life
Freeze my bones
And push me a little further
Towards end of my hopes
I tightly wrap this blanket
Holding it very close
To feel safe and secure
In it’s loving comfort zone
The protection it provides
Give a zest to my life
With new zeal I proceed
Once again getting revive
The only fear I have
This scent should not fade
As it is the holding key
Of magical powers of this blanket!

Copyright Β© 2017 All rights Reserved Wings Of Poetry, Meenakshi Sethi 


36 thoughts on “Blanket Of My Memories

  1. Lovely post Meenakshi ☺
    I read somewhere each time we revisit an episode from the past we rewire and alter it and the story feels more comforting than it was as part of reality.
    But our good times are great escape from the crazy world when we feel exhausted and drained !!

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    1. So true Cherry! I wrote a poem in Hindi kuch Pal read it if you could find it in my blog.
      That’s what I mentioned in it that from long journey of our life the true moments of life and happiness are rare and they are like light house for our dark nights!
      Thank You as always for your love n support πŸ’• ☺

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  2. Something about the scent of the blanket that provides security. I was horrified when my daughter’s dad left her baby blanket in the hotel on one trip. Kids can hold onto their baby blanket until they go to school. Wonderful poem – even adult blanket has special place in our heart!

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