Cranky Life 

Cranky#Daily Prompt#’Season 2#Attempt 33

When life goes cranky
And starts throwing tantrums
Like a spoiled brat
Or a wild mad cat
I just laugh out loud
And wear my wise hat
I don’t give it a damn
Felt ignored it surrenders
And like a well mannered child
It turns polite
That’s how I deal
With my hardships
Just let them come
And through tantrums
After a while it has to smile
For how long could a life
Behaves like a cranky child?


31 thoughts on “Cranky Life 

  1. Well said… Yes, to remain unaffected is the best we can do… Not hiding our heads in the sand, but consciously and unequivocally deciding not to allow the cranky child/life to have its way! Loved this… 🙂

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  2. Very Nice Meenakshi. Life cannot be be a cranky child always… because, the child grows studying, learning and realizing. So as you and all others commented, one or the other way, we lea rn and respond to it in various ways. So the cranky child learns life and become an amiable child! 😇🙏

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