Soul Mate

Timely#Daily Prompt#Season 2#Attempt 31

When clouds were dark
When life was a shark
When times were hard
When I was lonely and lost
Then you entered
Your timely appearance
Was like a saviour
For my drowning heart
You were like a spark
I’m glad it happened
Now I won’t have regrets
That I never felt
This wondrous love!
Now I could smile
With peace in my mind
That though for a short time
But atleast in this life
I met my soul partner!

23 thoughts on “Soul Mate

  1. It’s our choice whether we choose to fret over the short duration of the visit and the separation or rejoice over the fact that it happened. Mostly people sadden, blame the other or fate and live with regret because of the former, glad you are one of the few who made the right decision of choosing the latter.
    Cheers 😍

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