28 thoughts on “Lost In Love

          1. It’s a sad story. Suicide is common practice in Japan especially the pressure of competition on the young people. When they failed, they would go deep into the forest, and couldn’t find their way out and died in it. The document shows all the signs nailing on the trees, telling people that there is hope for them, go back before they get lost. Some people camped there close to the entrance in case they changed their mind. It also shows the forest guard talking to one camper. Some people were not sure if they wanted to go “all the way” to die, so they tie ropes along their trail in case they want to find their way out. The forest is thick with no paths.

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              1. One blogger teaches in South Korea. He did a post on Suicide in that country and said about the same issue. Hong Kong used to be the same. It’s getting better now that the compulsive ed. is up to 9th grade. Student could take trade ed. instead of aiming for college.

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  1. I dwell in the mystery of God’s love, losing myself in His great love , finding no way out is good for our human eagles who need a love like this when we humanly seek for un-perfection we would not find none because God’s love is perfect. Amen!


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