Confession To Self

Pleased#Daily Prompt #Season 2#Attempt 30

Trying to please everyone
Ignoring my own self
Am I pleased with myself?

Trying to ease other’s pain
Forgetting I’m also facing same
What did I actually gain?

Trying to help out everyone
I believed I need no help for self
Was I really correct?

Trying to spread warmth and love
Though inside felt cold like dead
What was I trying to protect?

Trying to find out answers within
Accepting how lonely I feel
I too need all this pampering!

30 thoughts on “Confession To Self

  1. I can’t help but remembering that when you fly, the flight attention announcement about safety is, when in danger, put the mask on yourself first, before you help your young child. We have similar policy for school disaster. If the principal is injured, he gets priority for treatment. Take care of the one who has more responsibilities. The person(s) need to be well to take of others! So you’re right Meenakshi, take care of yourself first!! Good job!

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  2. I can feel the pain captured in words
    You have to love and take care of yourself first
    If you won’t be strong and okay inside you won’t be able to comfort anyone else
    And as women it is expected of us to put others before us but as they say in a punjabi saying
    Khande khande te khoo vi khali ho jande ne
    – Continuous withdrawals can end deplete wells of their water
    So restore the water Inside you on priority rather than offering sips to everyone else.
    Take care
    Lots of love and hugs šŸ’•šŸ˜


    1. Hey Cherry! I loved this Punjabi saying. How true na!
      Thank You so much dear for such a loving pampering! I’m feeling lucky.
      Sometimes it feels so good that there is someone who makes you feel special too ā¤
      Lots of love to you too! šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜

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      1. Yes Meenakshi it’s very true šŸ™‚
        Everyone should be pampered why just kids and men ?
        It’s good to have love around šŸ™‚šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜

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