53 thoughts on “The Last Leaf

          1. Love the wisdom, and depth in your lines.It makes my heart to feel so safe, vulnerable, optimistic, realistic and mystical.The spectrum
            of emotions is so rich that sometimes my heart can not identify it self.Thank you so much.

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      1. Oh is it!! Glad to know it! I read his stories in childhood and was so fascinated by them always and the way he would tell the climax part was rivetting!! He was a master story-teller! I recently bought a book which was a collection of his best short stories!! So did you like lootera movie which was based on last leaf? I loved it!!

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  1. Wow childhood memories! So sweet!! 😊 I don’t think nowadays parents spend so much time with kids so as to tell such lovely stories. And specially fathers! You are really lucky to have him as your father!! (apologies if i intruded in your personal space here!). Yes i so much loved lootera! I kept thinking about it for days! 😊

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      1. 😊😊 sweet memories indeed! Yeah the unconditional love and also how life can be so cruel and soothing at the same time! The small nuances captured throughout were beautiful. And the lyrics were so amazing and true to the heart of the movie. It’s my favourite!

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