Outlier#Daily Prompt #Season 2#Attempt 25

Like an outlier it raised its head
Life was rosy pink before
Out of blue it popped up
Drawing senses out
And made me prisoner
In my own thoughts
Capturing my heart
This feeling that I never
Encountered with
Till I met you
Now like an odd one out
In this world of even
I’m an outlier
All efforts to fit in
Inside rational frame of minds
Makes me realize
Now I’m an alien
To this society of practical ones!

12 thoughts on “Outlier

    1. Exactly Vishal! Crushing our loud clear inner voice we have to submit to so called frame of society trying to fit in it’s definition of right or wrong.
      Thank You for your time!


  1. Many our trying to fit in not just you. The blue bird knows it’s inner colour alone maybe there are many pink birds feeling blue inside but acting perfect pink outside and who see themselves as an outlier.
    Infact in the modern set up a pink bird feeling pink inside seems to be an outlier as all bleed blue inside.

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