Symbiosis#Daily Prompt# Season 2#Attempt 13

Your pain
Flow through my eyes
Your smile
Infects mine
Symbiosis of emotions
In our relation
Makes it more difficult
To let you go
And continue living…


21 thoughts on “Can’t!

    1. Doctors see no hope for his life now. According to them his life could be no more from 6 days to 6 months. But we are not going to give up. Shifting him to some other hospital tomorrow. Will fight back till end. Death has to give up and let us win for some more years…till I’m alive he can’t leave.

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    1. He just came back from clutches of death. Medical science and doctors declared that he can’t recover. But as though some magic and with God’s grace he is back to life. Though road to recovery is long but atleast we have some hope now.
      Thank you for your concern!

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      1. Thank God….it was so concerning since this post was from March!! Hence was eagerly waiting for your reply on this…Feeling relieved now…yeah we can never know what God has planned… miracles do happen!

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