Ordinary/Meaningless/Daily Prompt/Season 2/Attempt 12


Stark dark night
You think is your life
Meaningless …a waste!
Nothing is visible
Not a ray of hope
But this is not the case
You are no Ordinary
Never could be
He himself saved you
More than twice
There must be some plan of him
For you
Just keep faith
And let’s fight
One more time
Be brave
And bring back your time
From ICU (Intensive Care Unit)
To IBU (I believe You)
To honor his blessings
Shining bright!

12 thoughts on “ICU to IBU

  1. It’s heartbreaking to hear it Meenakshi
    I wish he takes the leap of faith and comes back to healthy self
    You be positive and take care of others
    My father in law stayed in ICU for more than 6 months and is healthy and normal now
    He’s 75 years old approx
    So be positive and hopeful
    Wishes and blessings for your brother
    Much love and respect!!

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