Minimal#Daily Prompt#Season 2#Attempt 9

Minimal requirements
Minimal needs
Minimal clothes
Still unlimited hopes
They know how to go
With life’s flow
They have eyes
To see light
Behind darkness of life
They have heart
That knows the art
To paint their sky
They have ears to hear
Even minimal sound
Of life’s happy tune
They know how to grow flowers
In valley of weeds
Though they don’t have
Heavy bank balance
Or luxurious life
Still they are best example
For those who have all these
But still they cry
And go for advice
To highly paid therapists!
These happy small town kids
They are free, loving souls
With minimal knowledge
And big happy smiles
All they know is
Art of living
With minimal complaints
A true way of life!

16 thoughts on “Minimal

    1. I have seen the most happiest of faces in extreme summer, playing on roads with broad grins, as if Mr Sun is their air conditioner. And here we complain and cribb when AC in one of our room is not working properly.

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