Label#Daily Prompt#Season 2#Attempt 8

Label of gender
Creates discrimination
Label of religion
Divides us humans
Label of character
Is so judgemental
Label of status
Increase pride or frustration
When the sun and the moon
Stars and sky
Air that we breathe
Shadow of the tree
Birds of any nation
These rivers and the oceans
Are free of labels
Then why soul eternal
After entering temporary home
Needs to be labelled?
And struggle whole life
Fighting for its rights
Happiness and smiles
Whatever we are-
Man or a woman
Rich or a poor
Hindu or a muslim
Sikh or a christian
Let’s live as a human
No label should rule us
To kill the love we are made of
His light should shine
Without label to describe!

23 thoughts on “Label

  1. I loved it Meenakshi !!
    Beautifully written
    We must not judge as we don’t like to be judged but I must confess when I look at someone the shoes, the clothes and the talk (mother tongue influence) I tend to form a mental image- shallow, fake, fashionista, etc
    Though I don’t treat people differently based on it but it comes naturally
    There are people posting selfies and dresses and poses and I feel like commenting han bhai tu hi heroine hai Kush ho ja
    Though I don’t literally do it but we do label

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    1. I know Cherry we are just human. I’m not saying I’m a saint but since childhood nothing influence me to judge anyone. I always fail to notice clothes and shoes or jewellery of anyone. Even that of my family members πŸ˜‰
      What attracts or connects me with others is their nature and heartπŸ’–
      Though I totally and thoroughly enjoy comments like yours for a laugh. My best friend is exactly like you! And makes me laugh with her comments πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. Brilliantly spelled out, Meenakshi. As humans, we need to reminded from time to time in the way we behave in life and get swayed by hatred. We don’t need labels for we are humans as if it’s not enough!

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