Controversy#Daily Prompt#Season 2#Attempt 6

In crowd of people
Hungry for company
Searching for mates
I’m happy being my own partner
So please don’t irritate
I’m busy with my thoughts
I’m engaged with my memories
There is so much peace here
And no Controversy !

23 thoughts on “Controversy

  1. People consider it being anti social but being comfortable in your skin and not feeling the need to be part of a pack is liberating. It’s cool to be on your own in a crowd. When we partner with someone, we become an extension of their personality but when we stand alone, we stand out like a lion.
    Great post !!

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    1. Thank You so much for understanding me Cherry!
      Not always but sometimes we need our space to get rid of negative vibrations of people around us.
      Then after a while we are ready to take a stroll once again. This is what rejuvenation called.
      Lots of love dear 💖

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