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Image Courtesy: Paul Militaru from

Thank You Paul Militaru for allowing me to use your amazing picture for my poem!

Is this Luck or power of faith

Dry tired leaves
Clinging to the trees
Holding hands of their mates
Is this luck or power of faith

After losing so much
They still have no grudge
In love and light they still bathe
Is this luck or power of faith

Seasons came and seasons gone
Many died and many born
Fighting like warrior is their trait
Is this luck or power of faith

From lush green of youthful days
Experiencing sun’s crisp sharp rays
Still beautiful brownish pale
Is this luck or power of faith

P.S- The above poem is in Dansa form.  Dansa is an old Occitan form of lyric poetry i.e. it’s from the troubadour territory of southern France.  Lines rhyming scheme is A bbaA, with the last line a repeated refrain. First verse has five lines, consists of remain followed by four lines similar to all the other verses. First line repeating as last line of every stanza.

21 thoughts on “Luck

  1. The ‘refrain’ (last line of all stanzas being same) occurs in poetry in almost all Indian languages. Telugu & Kannada have ‘shataka’ literature in which the lastine of all 100 stanzas is same and each stanza is independent of others – usually stating an axiom or eternal truth.

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    1. Di whenever you get time just scroll through my blog posts…you may have missed some of the works that you’ll like surely…and also I would also like to hear your reviews…


  2. Luck or power of faith! The flow is so natural and effortlessly touches all forms of human expressions, raw emotions, and nerves, seasons that flitted in front of us and whining on the lost youthful days. Beautiful! Very aesthetically

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